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A Simple Realization About What Is Happening With The Smartphone Industry Opened Our Eyes To A Brand New Way Of Building Trust & Loyalty With Our Customers.

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SMS cpasmsserver is a ONE OF A KIND Conversation Marketing automated sales and lead capture attendant that uses the latest texting technologies and runs on complete autopilot. Set it and forget it! Sit back and watch your leads come in while also shortening the sales cycle for your product or service.

It works for you 24/7, and if you have your own account, it’s very easy to setup and very customizeable. You will start generating more leads and sales in less time than you expected. It’s an effective and easy way to build a huge subscriber list fast ~ better than email marketing with up to a 95% open rates on your message broadcasts.

What is SMS Autoresponder

The SMS Autoresponder software is basically needed for CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Marketing, Real State Marketers or Agency to increase their sales and capture leads. SMS Autoresponder able to connect all type of Top SMS Gateways service provider and can capture SMS from Number servers and process them and send response messages to your leads and send follow-up messages also.

We are providing resources in following technologies-

  • SMS bot
  • Bulk SMS Sender
  • 2 Way SMS Chat bot
  • SMS Autoresponder
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